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"I used in excess of 40 gallons of fake blood, and never had one leak ...... I just wanted to say thank you."

- Jeremy Allen, Photographer

Cinematic psychopaths leave behind a terrible mess; fictionilized assassins tend not to clean up after themselves; and horror movie cannibals have horrible table manners.   So when professional photographer Jeremy Allen works on a project, he needs inexpensive drop cloths that won't fail.  After all, nobody wants to loose their security deposit over one drop of (fake) blood on the carpet.  

So, a few years back - worried about protecting the floors, walls, ceilings and carpets of their rental home from the over 40 gallons of fake blood they planned on using through the shoot of his homegrown cannibal movie, Jeremy turned to Paterson Poly. "We had the walls covered, floor, and whatever else we could think of!"  With their supply of Paterson Poly Drop Cloths, Jeremy and the crew were able to protect the home - floor to ceiling - from the copious amounts of blood and gore spilled through the course of movie.  By the end of the shoot, Jeremy was proud to say, "No Leaks!"

For his day job as a photographer ( , Jeremy turns to Paterson Poly to keep his location shoots free of any blood or gore that might spill, "Your plastic kept my white table white, and my beige carpet beige."

Recently, He used Paterson Poly to, "wrap a body" (in the film, "Retribution), "catch fake blood"(in the movie, "Duality") and even as a prop (in the movie, "Mr. Wilson") 

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