About Us


For more than 50 years, the folks behind Paterson Poly have been making garbage bags, contractor bags, drops cloths and poly sheeting. From our Factories right here in the USA we have consistently been producing high quality, low cost poly used by everyone from contractors, weekend DIYers and just about everyone in-between. You know our products - from the mom and pop hardware stores on just about every main street to some of the biggest chains in the nation, Paterson Poly products have been helping you work cleaner, smarter and safer for years.

Sure, we’ve been making bags for more than 50 years, but we’re new to the internet, new to the world of e-commerce. Let us know how we’re doing. You can send us a note at support@patersonpoly.com, call us at (877) 602-2294. If we can do anything better, let us know. If we’re doing a good job, tells us. Frankly, we could use the encouragement.

Contractors, small business owners, DIYers, and weekend warriors - we have what you need.