Make Your Passive Solar Greenhouse with Paterson Poly Clear Drop Cloths

Having a greenhouse is the best way to extend the growing season and grow your favorite vegetables year round, but secondary heating sources are costly to maintain.

That’s why DIY homeowners with the greenest thumbs prefer passive solar structures.

A passive solar greenhouse is an expensive, viable option for homeowners on a budget because the sun-facing structure—including the clear plastic drop cloths that wrap it—transform sunlight into a summer’s day inside, even in the jaw-clinching cold of January.

How do you build a passive solar greenhouse? Many DIYers have put their plans online. Bradford Research Center’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources has a plan. This plan includes an affordable list of supplies, including clear plastic sheeting. On a tight budget? Read how one family built a solar heater for $15 worth of plastic.

Super tough, waterproof, leakproof and spill proof, Paterson Poly Clear Drop Cloths have thousands of uses. They protect against paint, water, dust, wind, dirt and Frosty himself. Paterson Poly’s heavy-duty drop cloths are an inexpensive choice for painters, landscapers, boaters, DIY homeowners, contractors and, yes, even serious gardeners.

So where do the clear plastic drop cloths come in? After the foundation is laid and the framing is completed and the angles are just right, many DIY homeowners add metal siding to the side that does not face the sun. They also add glass or plastic siding overhead to ensure a solid weatherproof structure. Then they cover everything—including the sun-facing sides—with clear plastic drop cloths. Why? Good question…

Not only are clear drop cloths super tough and leakproof, they’re great at helping nature-harnessing gardeners keep heat in and keep critters out. Best of all, clear plastic drop cloths can be rolled up and tied during hot summer days to provide ample ventilation when fans just aren’t enough to keep the leafy greens from shrivelling up.

Warm in the winter. Cool in the summer. That’s why DIY homeowners use Paterson Poly Clear Drop Cloths. Have you tried this? How did it work out for you? Contact us.

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